This adventure took place in Mos Shuuta, a small city on the desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shuuta is situated on the top of a tall, rocky bluff, with nothing but endless desert in every direction around it. As the story begins, our “heroes” are attempting to escape the servants of the ruler of Mos Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt.

Kyaa Blaze – Self-proclaimed “greatest slicer in the galaxy”,
Pau Lani – Chiss Bounty Huntress
Hal Elstrom – The force-sensitive exile marauder.

The group is in trouble with Teemo the Hutt for one reason or another and the only way to get off planet and escape Teemo is to steal a ship and fly to safety. Fortunately, they got a chance to do exactly that, by stealing a ship called the Krayt Fang from a Trandoshan named Trex.

After a skirmish with a duo of TIE fighters the group flew their stolen YT-1300 light freighter, the newly minted ‘Ashen Rose’ into hyperspace.

Notes: Hal called upon the darkside of the force to break the will of a trader hording a much needed hypermatter reactor igniter.

Booty: Heavy Blaster pistol, comlink, stimpack, emergency repair kit, 1,000 credits, +20 XP.


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