“Hi, I’m your new mechanic. Handle is Hardware. " He stared at them from inside his opaque helmet.

“I got a ship and i need a crew. We are hiring on at even shares, after expenses and repairs. I will be flying copilot and handling planning and maintenance as I’m the brains of this operation.

doc.pngI hired Doc to make the deals and find us the right customers. He will be handing out the orders.

I got us a damn good pilot to fly this monster, didn’t get his name, he was too drunk. Be he’s good.

daxon.pngDaxton, with the arms here, is our loader and all around muscle. I’m going to teach you how to use a welder, because these armor plates are to damn heavy for me.

And I just picked up this R5 unit for a deal you wouldn’t believe. Shifty guy, couldn’t stop sweating. But we got and astromech for this bird. It’s a proper ship now. Is that thing staring at me?"


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